Borel & Company offers precision machine tool repair, machine tool rebuilds, machine scraping, machine leveling, machine squaring, machine rebuilds, way scraping, way rebuilding, slideway material, and anti friction material....

With a machine technician available 24 hours a day, with repair service at your location, Borel can get you back in production. Call 313-537-4777 or 248-884-1566 for service.

Borel uses state of the art instrumentation to repair your precision tooling.

Services include:

  • Way Scraping and Reconditioning of all makes and models
  • Installation of Anti-Friction Material on Way Surfaces
  • Precision Leveling & Squaring
  • On-site precision tool repair, 24-hour service

Borel is one of the few companies that can still scrape and re-work ways by hand. We also power scrape.

Precision tool repair can be done at your location or at our shop.